The Company

About Us

We are a privately held Nationally recognized, Certified Women Owned small Business, offering a safe and nurturing networking platform between our professional members, their professional teams, and the consumers, earnint the consumer trust, and converting them into clients. Our goals are to encourage a healthy and loyal referral business relationship environment, to have the consumers select the right professional that will guide them through this life changing event called buying and selling a home. Our professionals are trained to make it a smooth journey for their clients. We require the consumers to read and sign a business relationship agreement with the professionals before they get on with this journey regardless what stage you are at, it is our pride to secure exclusivity between service providers and their clients. This will help both side to achieve a high quality relationship between our members. In this platform, we encourage both the clients to offer reviews and our service providers will also be able to review the clients, great client review may lead to additional offerings from the service providers.

And if the service provider get high reviews, they may be eligible for a referral, we encourage our consumers to offer referrals to our service providers. We will track the referral progress and assure the referred person that we are taking care of their friends and family. Customers and service providers can also use their gifts to donate to our selected charity ( We like the girls education funds) We can also hold the funds to be donated to new startup agents that need to get their career up and running and do not have the funds to pay their dues as beginners, Occasionally we will invite popular speakers to donate videos to be uploaded and shared for our agents free training. We love for each broker and their agency to dominate one local area that they like to serve the most.We will always add new tools and technology that emerge to help professionals reduce their advertising and operating cost, and yet increase their closing and GCI. Our brokers and agents will not have to change anything, they can fill out  their member profile their company logo and direct phone number. Each agency will be responsible to maintain their own CRM outside of this site. Any leads generated and sent to us due to this site marketing efforts, will be referred to a professional in that location for a nominal fee to support the continuity of this platform.